Thursday, July 08, 2010


Oh my lord, Tuesday's upper body circuit has transported me to that familiar old planet of pain called DOMS. I'm coping with the sore pecs and the other muscle groups obviously werent pushed hard enough but my abs ARE KILLING ME. Plus its all made worse by the fact that I have a niggling cough left over from when I was sick and of course every cough = more DOMS pain. My how quickly we lose what we no longer train.

Which has got me thinking about my recent (like last 10 or so months) approach to training and where it has got me. I'm actually not happy with where I am.

When we moved house in September last year my weight training scaled right down and I started running more. I was quite happy doing this so I cranked up my running and scaled the weights back to nothing. I committed to do a half marathon so the running cranked up even more and there was no energy for any other training (I would take the stairs at work to go up one floor - thats how tired my legs were!!). So much for weight training to maintain my upper body muscle tone pffft no longer on the agenda.

So where did all this get me? Well I achieved my goal of running the half but post race enthusiasm overcame me and I rested for something like 3 days before I was running again. For this stroke of brilliance I was rewarded with an inflamed SIJ and a forced 2 weeks of no lower body training. Lo and behold let me discover how my upper body has gone to crap after the neglect it was subjected to.

Ok enough waffling and analysing the past (a favourite pastime I'm sure you'll agree). Where to from here?

Sort out the words (in my head) and then take action.

Oooh I'm even a little excited about it all. I love a new project and a challenge.

Cheers all



Anonymous said...
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Kristy said...

Magda, I had a quick look last night, but no luck. I will have another look over the weekend and see if I can find it...

I just can't remember if I gave it away or what I did with it...

Kek said...

There's nothing like doing it wrong to give yourself a wake-up call, Magda! LOL - They're usually the best lessons we learn, if a bit unpleasant.

Enjoy the DOMS. ;)

Magda said...

Thanks Kristy. Sorry was going to email but got bogged down in other blogs. Will email soon.

Boy you got that right Kek. Back to the drawing board to change direction and start mving to where I want to go.

Cheers ladies