Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Isnt it interesting?? I make a commitment to permanent change to live a lifestyle based on leanness, fitness and vitality. So when I go to a cafe purely for a soy cappuccino (off dairy til my psoriasis goes - yeah I know I've been saying this for a while) the dessert cabinet is groaning with every imaginable cheesecake, banana caramel pie, flourless orange cake and I could go on and on. Everything looks superbly delicious. I'm hungry and could easily polish off any one of the delectable temptations calling my name. Last week I would have.

So today I looked at them and acknowledged how great they looked and no doubt how delicious they'd be (yes I have a sweet tooth like there's no tomorrow). And then I let those feelings and thoughts go, enjoyed my cappuccino and kept my appetite for dinner.

One small step for man one giant step for my commitment.

:-) Magda


Kek said...

Nice one, Magda! We can both wear our halos with pride... ;)

Magda said...

So true Kek. (Now to just keep mine over my head and not falling down to strangle me LOL)

Michelle said...

Great work, Magda! Flex that willpower muscle :o)

Magda said...

Ah the sadly neglected willpower muscle Michelle. Yes its time to flex it a little more often.