Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm not sure what inspired me to do a 9 day celebration of my birthday this year but thats where I'm heading and at day 7 I'm seriously over it.

I started last Saturday with a lovely dinner out at The Rising Sun Inn which is conveniently a short walk from home. The other events of note were: lunch out on Tuesday, lunch out on Wednesday, birthday cake Wednesday night, left over birthday cake on Thursday night, birthday morning tea on Friday, lunch out on Friday and so it goes on. It'll finish on Sunday night (thank god!!).

Somebody needs to remind the Fatness Fairy that birthday calories DONT COUNT!!!! She is clearly of a differing opinion and has bestowed upon me an unwanted birthday gift of a few extra kilos. My lord, were my jeans tight today :-(

So on Monday I delve back into the "D" world. Stuff this bloody intuitive eating (or I call it mindful eating), I have kilos to lose and its time to put those oars back into the water and start rowing. I need structure. I need more discipline. I need a damned good consistent effort. And I need a different mind-set (which I'm working on).

This is not a sentence. This is not  deprivation or being a slave to somebody else's rules. Its about sucking it up, putting in the effort and doing what it takes to get back to my physically happy place. Join me from Monday to follow my ?????? (I need a snazzy title and will try to come up with one whilst finishing off my celebrations).

Cheers all



ss2306 said...

Have you read Women Food and God by Geneen Roth?

There's so much I want to say but won't cause this is your journey and you've gotta work it out for yourself but please stop suffering.

Love you xxxx

LizN said...

Happy Birthday Magda! Hope this year is a really special one :)

Magda said...

Thanks Liz.

Hi Shelley. I have posted my response.