Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There are some great ideas and perspectives that I'd love to blog about but again I start blogging late in the day when I'm tired and those thoughts just dont gel any more. I'm a bit disappopinted as I'd like to write some better stuff than my late night ramblings about not much at all. Oh well maybe tomorrow I'll get an earlier start and produce something better.

It feels quite good to be focussing a little more on weight loss through improved diet and exercising consistently. I look towards the future with lots of positive feelings and a quiet belief that it wont be too long before I'm back in my happy place with how I look and feel. The key difference this time is that I refuse to become anal and obsessive about it. I know what needs to be done and yes its early days, but I'm just doing it with minimal fuss and fanfare.

I'm also toying with some habits and behaviours that I dont normally practice. I believe that different things work at different times and I'm not so set in my thoughts and ways that I wont do things differently to see if I can improve. So here's to different. Different habits. Different thoughts. Different beliefs. Different (and better) results. I look at it as experimentation and the quest to find what is ultimately right for me. I'll write more about this as I experiment further.

Again today my system thanked me, this time for drinking more water and some green tea (with vanilla). Things are working better already - although I'm sure there was a distinct protest that the sugar supply had been cut off. Well get used to it as the sugary foods have been banished to the "occassional treat" file and will not be daily event. Long live the lean and clean foods - my (re)new(ed) best friends. LOL



Kristy said...

Sugary treats don't like being cut out at all. I am banishing mine today for 21 days, which they will then become an occassional treat. I got your email thank you Magda... I am having a think about it

Kristy said...

btw I too am quite excited that today is the tightest my pants will be... From now on they will start to loosen.

LizN said...

I'm the same as you Magda, think profound thoughts all day and at the end of the day, I'm too tired to blog about them.

Liz :

Magda said...

Here's to ditching the evil sugar Kristy :-)

Or I think of them once I'm in bed on the brink of sleep Liz.