Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Inspired by Liz's blog last night I made a positive decision to set my alarm and do some training this morning. It would have been so easy to slip into total slothdom (great word hey??!!) but I knew that I'd then face the very difficult task of getting back into the routine of early wake-ups when it was freezing outside and my bed was so toasty. Once the habit is in place its relatively easy to keep it going. But break the habit and then try going back to it ... well that can be quite hard.

So I checked out my training room and decided that there was enough room for a workout and set up some of the weights ready to go this morning. I chose to do an upper body circuit with light-moderate weights as its been ages since I threw any iron around and just about all of my upper body conditioning has well and truly gone. It felt good and tonight I even have some DOMS as proof that I worked hard (again thats a relative term considering where I'm coming from). I followed up with some ab and core strengthening work and continued the day with a  spring in my step.

Bugger the leadership seminar I attended first up. We werent told that breakfast was going to be provided and oh boy it looked so good. Sadly my discipline and consistency didnt win out over the breakfast buffet of mini ham and cheese croissants and scones with strawberry jam and cream. My they tasted so good but in all honesty I didnt need them and they did turn into a day of not so stellar eating. At least I didnt feel the cold as much with the increased fat consumption LOL.

But back to Liz's wise words about discipline and consistency which really struck a chord and "spoke to me". They sparked a small positive change today and tomorrow is another opportunity to build on that.


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