Wednesday, July 28, 2010


After a spell where my sugar consumption crept into the too high category, my decision to remove it from my diet (not permanently but certainly to be an occassional treat) has had its consequences. Is it possible to have sugar withdrawal symptoms that are like like a mild detox?

I still have some coffee (that too has been cut back a bit though) so ist not caffeine withdrawal but I notice that I'm waking up with a mild headache or perhaps getting one at the end of the day. My dinners have been on the light side with the focus being on protein and mainly green veges and I'm enjopying this refreshing change but by the morning I feel my body saying "hey dude, where's the sugar??" Similar at night after a day of no refined sugar consumption and just one or two pieces of fruit and maybe a small serve of sultanas to sweeten my porridge. I found that soaking the sultanas with the oats and bran overnight adds enough sweetness so that no extra sugar or honey is required. Genius, arent I??!!

But all this is really mild and not causing any concern. I do find it interesting though.

This morning I ventured back onto the MM for a foot to metal meeting and was happy to see over 2kgs of bloat gone. Nice start but I know its just bloat from fluid and extra food consumed on Sunday. However what is left is extra fat sitting on my thighs and stomach most noticeably. Sadly the 2kg drop doesnt put me back in my happy place :-(

So I'm soldiering on with my plan and re-forming good habits that will bring success. A slimmer and trimmer body will soon be mine and I'm ready for it, thats for sure!

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Magda I had really bad sugar withdrawals today too, especially this afternoon. My face was red and I was feeling hot and grumpy and sick... I know it will be worthwhile once I start feeling better after all that sugar is gone.

Anonymous said...

Learn wisdom by the follies of others.............................................................

Witchazel said...

I am convinced that sugar is addictive. For me it is as bad as cigarettes, so I do believe in withdrawal symptoms!

Alicia said...

I get that with carbs! I've dropped a little bit of carbs out of my eating and I felt like sh*t for a few days :S

Magda said...

Thanks guys, your comments support what I suspected. I cant prove it but I strongly think thats what was making me feel like I was detoxing.

Cheers all