Friday, July 09, 2010


Today I finished work at 5pm feeling like a wrung out rag. It was a very busy and demanding day to wrap everything up so I can take a week off. The pressure, amongst other things has resulted in many poor food choices, not to mention the paltry amount of training that I've managed lately.

Tonight I asked myself: "Do I like how I look and feel?" The answer was an immediate and obvious "NO". Then do something about it.

Stop thinking. Stop analysing. Stop assessing and re-assessing. Stop talking about it. Stop writing about it and start DOING.

I’m on holiday from today and couple that with the new moon eclipse in the early morning of the 12th and the planets may (should) just align to promote permanent change. That is my goal. That is my commitment. Wish me luck.

Time to formulate my plan of attack for tomorrow. Good night all



Anonymous said...
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Kerry W said...

Your post reminds of the quote..."Action may not always bring happiness: but there is no happiness without action." - Benjamin Disraeli.

It's amazing how our state of mind can be turned around so quickly once we get moving. Best of wishes with that Madgda - it's only a matter of time with persistence and perseverance.

Kerry XOX