Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Seeing its the 30th of June today I couldnt resist reflecting back over how things have gone for me. So I did a cut and paste of what I wrote back in January (italics print) and my June review follows it in red. Here goes.


For the first time in my life as far as I can remember, I'm not starting the year with a resolution to lose weight and to be X kilos by Y (date). Its not about body fat %s or the number on the scales for me any more. So here are some beliefs, values and habits that I want to develop further. These are my versions of "resolutions" written to suit me.

1. I will continue to develop my belief in myself. I will have faith that I hold the answers to how to eat for the lean and toned body that I desire.

In all honesty there have been times when I've lost sight of this. Just recently I've gone looking for answers in the wrong place only to wake up to myself fairly quickly and realise the error of my ways. One thing I've realised lately is that developing that self belief takes effort and must be practiced frequently. it aint just gonna appear out of the blue.

2. I will run, run and run some more. When my legs are tired from running, I'll lift some heavy weights to keep my upper body toned. Oh and I'll devote some time to improving my core strength.

One out of three on this one. Running gets the big tick. Upper body training has been neglected due to my training room doubling as a study, storage space, junk room, and "if I dont know where to put it, I'll put it in the training room". Plans are brewing for a training studio but this is still a few months away. Core strength sits in the same basket.

3. I will strive to be more patient and less grumpy. My son deserves this. So does my husband.

Hmmm I reckon I've improved in this area and will continue to work at it.

4. I will continue to place the highest importance on my family, their wellbeing, our wellbeing, harmony, support, nurturing and caring for. Doing this makes me truly happy.


5. I will continue to nurture my friendships. My circle of friends is small and precious and I'd be lost without them.

Tick but room for improvement.

So there it is. The things that are important to me as I face this new decade. The end of 2009 saw big changes in my life and now its time to embrace them and take them further to make 2010 and the new decade the best one yet.

Its been enlightening to reflect back over the last 6 months. I've patted myself on the back for many of my victories and achievements - both physical and mental. On the other hand I've realised there are areas that need more work in the second half of the year and thats ok. I havent failed in those areas. I've just neglected them or accidentally gone off on a tangent for a while. At least by taking stock as I have, its helping me to refocus on whats important.
So at the risk of sounding all shmartzy and corny, I will rejuvenate, renew and reinvent for a bigger and better 2nd half of 2010. I'll be here blogging until I get my new look blog sorted out but its a little way off right now.
How are you tracking against your goals for 2010?


Alicia said...

Sounds like you are going well :) And dont forget, you still have another 6 months of the year left! I originally set a stack of goals at the start of the year, well fitness related ones, but I've had too much fun being a mum :) Oh and I've been crook for 5 weeks straight now so I havent even stepped foot in the gym.

My goals for the rest of the year are to continue developing a great family with Ava and Damien; get back into my fitness regime and just enjoy life. Simple!


Magda said...

And looking forward to a good second six months Alicia although my recent injury hasnt got me off to the best start.

I love your goals. Its only when you have a child that life takes on a very different (and a very meaningful) perspective. I mean really how important is it to have a single digit body fat %????