Thursday, June 03, 2010


Its been a while since I updated on my lifestyle changes, so here goes:

1. I have not relapsed on the sugar free lollies and am nearing the end of week three. I still miss them at times but I ride out the craving and get through it ok. Big tick for this one.

2. The elimination of artificial sweeteners is progressing as planned. I wasnt going cold turkey but instead was not replacing what I ran out of. I still have my SF maple syrup but admittedly not as often lately. The Forme yogurts have gone and I'm now having brasil nuts with fruit in the afternoon. In the fridge I have a large bottle of Coke Zero that was a give away with a previous take away dinner. It hasnt been opened and tonight it caught my eye and I really felt like having a glass but decided not to open it. It'll come in handy when we have people over and somebody wants a Diet Coke. There are other odds and ends around (a Snack Attack protein bar for one) that will get eaten at some stage but that will be it. Gradually I'm saying farewell to artificial sweeteners.

3. I'm really inspired by the general principles of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle and have decided to incorporate more of those principles into my own life. My Dad is facing some health issues again and they are of the hereditay nature. So whilst I dont want to be all neurotic or alarmist about it, I believe some subtle changes are in order. Peter and I have discussed it and he has agreed to the changes on the condition that it doesnt become a restricted diet. (I'm surprised he thinks I'll end up going that way but hey he's lived with me being like that for over 20 years so I should cut him some slack). It'll be interesting making the shift to less meat and more legumes (He's a meat loving man) but deep down I know my health will benefit.

Finally, today I've spent quite a bit of time pondering what I call my "niggly bits" (NOT "jiggly bits" in case you think thats a typo LOL). So what are "niggly bits"? Well I can best describe them as those things in my life that arent quite what I'd like or how I'd want them to be. I dont sweat the stuff I cant change but this stuff sits in the "changeable" category ... or does it??  I'm not sure.

For weeks now I have suffered with pains in my glutes, upper legs and hips. They're especially bad after I've been sitting for a while and when I get up to move. Every run starts off being painful as my body struggles to get going. Once I'm warmed up I dont notice it as much. I should get it looked at but of course I just worry that I'll have to give up running. Its niggling at me.

The other niggly bits are far more deep and meaningful and will be saved for another post when its not so late and I can write eloquently, or at least coherently about them. In the meantime they can continue to niggle at me.

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Magda my neighbours had me over for a vegetarian lasagna one night and she said she could go vegetarian if it wasn't for her husband, but they have both cut down their meat consumption heaps with maybe meat once or twice a week. He said at the beginning he really missed meat, but now he doesn't even notice.

You will both probably feel better for it :)

Kerry said...

Hi Magda,

I can give you the name of a good remedial massage that has been doing the trick for my hips and glutes! Painful though. Let me know


Kerry W said...

From someone with a chronic hip injury...get it looked at Magda. The sooner the better. Your physio would be a good place to start. If you leave things too late, you may regret that you could have handled things differently and headed off anything serious at the pass, if only you'd tackled it sooner. Anyway, things sometimes aren't always as bad as you imagine. And the niggles over time start to scream at you. ;)

Magda said...

Hi Kristy I dont think Peter will find the change over easy. But he does love fish and other seafood so it could be a gradual change.

Hey Kerry and Kerry W!! I have a great massage therapist who can inflict pain with the best of them and I succumbed a couple of weeks ago (I kept thinking of you Kerry passing out on the table). But I think Kerry W is right. Its time to suck it up and get it checked out. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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