Thursday, June 17, 2010



So I've been home for 2 days fighting off a bout of the winter lurgies. No I havent resorted to watching DOOL but have enjoyed a very long lie in bed on both mornings. I've also taken the time to review some of the work I did with my SP except this time I resorted to a different source of information and strategy.

Many years ago I bought Dr Phil's "The Ultimate Weight Solution" and thought it was pretty good. However it never really gelled for me as I had too many unanswered questions about me and the workings of my mind. But since then I've had the benefit of 1:1 work with a professional which really helped me to understand me. So last night when I picked up Dr Phil (not literally LOL) and kept reading today, his advice really fell into place.

So why do I constantly need to go back over this stuff?

Because every so often I lapse back into old habits and old self defeating thought patterns. Sometimes I can very quickly see it for what it is but sometimes its not obvious (and maybe I dont want to see it) and I slip into that old downward spiral. And we all know that once you're in that spiral, its damned hard to stop and start moving the opposite way. Sometimes you just need that "something" to give you that aha moment to cause the mindset to change.

Now how many of you scoffed when you read "Dr Phil"? I'm not advocating that you become a follower of his TV show or other aspects of his work (I havent read any of his other books so I cant commemt here) but I do believe his TUWS is really well written with sound and sensible advice. And as proof of this, I noticed that everything on the psychological front that he wrote about was covered by my SP in my 1:1 sessions. He just presents it a little differently and has to cover things in a lot broader detail to cater for his vast audience. I would highly recommend his book to anybody who struggles with the emotional side of weight loss.

So today the run-away train came to a halt and got back onto its tracks to continue moving in the direction it always wanted to travel. A small detour but in this journey of the days of our lives. Call me whatever you think but I maintain that I'm a work in progress travelling a road that isnt always the straightest and most direct. However I do believe that I will reach my destination.



LizN said...

Actually I think the Dr Phil book is an excellent one. Love him or loathe him he is spot on with things in this book.

Highly recommend :)
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Kerry W said...

Hey Magda

I think it's admirable that you've taken this opportunity to make the most of your time, albeit you're not well. Quiet times are good to reflect on things. And just by picking up that book and 'changing' your mindset is progress in itself, because it's precisely at these times when you could have easily just wallowed. :)

You know...I have that book too, but I've never actually read it. I bought it before I started the IBO programs, and now that I've lost the weight haven't felt it was relevant. But you know, I think I'll go and read it now, because it may just help me to help others.

Hope you're on track real soon! Use the time well to stoke that fire of determination! :P

Magda said...

Thanks Liz. I suspect many loathe him but I agree that when it comes to weight loss, he's nailed all the pysche stuff really well.

The down time has come at just the right time Kerry and having the time to review and reflect has been invaluable. I'm almost thankful for getting this lurgy .... ALMOST LOL.

Em said...

I actually got alot out of that book, i felt that it really did tackle the issues from the inside out.
Although i have read another of his books now i cant remember what it was, i think maybe self matters? but not sure and i hated it and thought he was a self obsessed old fool lol
I am so glad to catch up and look forward to reading more, your honesty is a a huge inspiration and you will get to where you want to go hun, stick with it :-)
Em :-)