Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Today we celebrate the first day of winter. Normally I hate winter. I've never liked the cold so winter is a struggle. It always feels like it goes on forever and I find myself pining for the warm months.

But this year I've decided to embrace it and not whinge and moan about it. Whats the point? It just drags me and those around me down. So lets get this winter show on the road and enjoy each cold and crispy day (unless its a soggy one of course).

Here is my plan for enjoying winter:

1. I'm still getting up at 5am and going for a run of about 40-50 minutes during the week. I have a wooly lined vest thats waterproof (a hand me down from Peter actually) and a beanie for warmth. I admit that I do look a fright but my morning run is NOT about presenting the most glamorous version of me that I can muster.

2. I love a hot cooked breakfast on cold mornings. I havent had porridge for quite a while but am planning to try it again after losing my taste for it last year. If not porridge then my fave oat / egg white / ricotta / apple / cinnamon pancakes are a great alternative. When all else fails, an egg on toast will always satisfy.

3. I make my office comfortable with a radiator style heater under my desk. Without it the room is cold and drafty which = very grumpy Magda. Enough said.

4. A hot lunch is always in order. The old standyby of brocolli (or other green veges), brown rice/wholemeal pasta and a lean protein is still a diet staple for me. I eat it because I like it not because I have to :-)

5. Every day I pay homage to Sara Lea by honouring the layer upon layer look. I may soon break the record for the most clothes worn in a day but its about keeping warm and comfy to stay balanced and happy.

6. And finally, nothing beats traditional winter foods done in the slow cooker enjoyed with a nice glass of red wine. When you put all that together, whats there NOT to love about winter?

Cheers all



The Stark's said...

Well when you put it like that I have to agree! I walked a few weeks ago and it started to rain and I found it so refreshing I vowed never to let the rain stop me from outdoor exercise again. And you can always think of me freezing my arse off later this year to get your butt out of bed in the cold mornings.

Kristy said...

I love your attitude Magda.

I am trying to embrace winter. We have been going for walks and I wear a beanie and scarf and I know I look a dag, but I don't care. If I did I wouldn't get out there and do it.

Magda said...

Hi Shelley, it comes down to viewing the glass half full vs half empty. I too run in (light) rain and think nothing of it. I'll be very envious when you're freezing your arse off ... in exotic locations LOL!!

Kristy for too long I have whinged and moaned my way through 6-8 months of the year and I'm determined not to do it this time. So, long live the beanies, scarves and looking like a dag when out training in the cold :-)