Wednesday, September 02, 2009


This morning's 40 minute jog turned into a 46 minute jog. I really struggled and just couldnt get into the zone for ages but I kept plodding and plodding refusing to look at the time only to be disappointed by how little progress I'd made.

I reckon it was only after the 30 minute mark that I started to feel good and then felt quite good for the last 10 minutes. Still refusing to look at the time, I decided to change my route slightly from last week's mid week jog and lapped around the oval on the outer rather than the inner shorter route. Then it was the short stretch home but still jogging around a large island in a nearby street and then maximising the short distance back home. As I reached my drive way and the dawn had started to light up the day I looked at the time. 6.02am. I had jogged for 46 minutes. I was hot. I was tired. But I felt fantastic.

99.9% of people think I'm crazy, loony, obsessed, a freak to get up at 5am and exercise on most week days. I think they're crazy not to. What else can make you feel so good at that time of day? Oops there is one thing. The awesomely healthy breakfast I have after (oats, bran and protein powder - simple but delicious).



Kek said...

Oh you're definitely crazy....but who wants to be normal?


Vicki said...

Hey Magda, I couldn't agree more, I love morning training :) Plus there's the brekkie you look forward to afterwards...I don't give up my oats for ANYONE!! hehe

Magda said...

I agree Kek. Normal is highly over-rated.

Aaah the lure of carbs Vicki. There's nothing like it!!