Wednesday, September 23, 2009


To Liz, Frankie, Sandra and Kristy a big thank you for the lovely and supportive comments about my situation. Its nice to not feel alone. I am getting some other help too and for that I'm also grateful (you know who you are).

I have some work to do to get myself back on track and that will be my focus tonight. Small steps to begin and some small goals for tomorrow. The biggest change has to happen between the ears and thats what I really need to work on.

So to start the process tonight's blog is about positive things and the glass being half full. F*ck the misery guts attitude cause it aint taking me anywhere I want to be.

Our legendary real estate agent has just negotiated for our purchaser to buy most of our furniture. Hallelulia!! We are happy with the price. We have a lot less stuff to move and therefore can consider a wider range of rental properties AND I'll have the best reason ever to buy new furniture for our new house :-)

I've taken action to find a rental property. I'm inspecting one tomorrow afternoon and have an agent calling back on the availability of another for inspection over the next few days. This is progress on just surfing the net and listing "maybes". Our purchaser has indicated that he's ready to settle any time given 3 days notice. F*ck it if we can bring the date forward we will. We are ready to move on :-)

Melbourne was fantastic. On Friday we headed to the Docklands and had a delicious middle eastern lunch at The Mecca Bah. We shared a bottle of sav blanc and sat outside and just enjoyed each other's company. Then it was shopping at Harbour Town before heading back to our hotel in the city. Dinner was at our hotel because the $15 steak night sounded too good to resist and it didnt disappoint. Mind you, how could it after starting with a glass of French champagne and then sharing a bottle of red and churros for dessert. YUMMO!!

On Saturday we walked over 6kms to Amici on Chapel Street for a superb breakfast and then made our way back down Chapel Street for a spot of shopping (again). Rain had us taxi back to the city before we found the Melbourne Museum and checked out the Pompei Exhibition and other galleries at the MM. We walked heaps that day so the decision to not take training gear was a good one in hindsight. On Saturday evening we wandered over to Lygon Street for a few drinks before finding a nice Italian place for dinner and another bottle of red. (Yes our livers are somewhat pickled by now but hey we love our wine). All up a great day.

Despite visiting Melbourne many times before, I'd never been to the Vic Markets so that was on our itinerary for Sunday morning. They failed to impress so it was back into the city and a wander through Melbourne Central where I found my little gem. Scanlan and Theodore were having a closing down sale and I bought a very expensive suit for less than half price. I was like a pig in shit!! We wandered over to the Greek quarter and shared an appetiser platter for lunch. Mind you it had so much food on it that it was more like a main course platter but who's complaining. Aaah our last bottle of sav blanc and just to finish the holiday with a big celebratory bang we each had a greek dessert. Hubbie chose the galactobureko (vanilla custard in filo pasrty) and I had a baklava (walnuts, honey in filo pasrty). I thought I'd died and gone to heaven :-)

Before we knew it, it was over and we were flying home tired but happy from the lovely break. So as well as eating all that yummy food, sharing a few bottles of wine and getting in some shopping, we had some great talks about a whole lot of stuff in a relaxed setting with no work, no domesticity and no pressure hanging over us. BLISS!!! :-) :-)

So my goal from here is to put the last 3 days behind me. Whats happened has happened and cant be changed but I can choose how I deal with it all from here on. Its time to reclaim my power and control and not allow myself to slide further into that black hole. And I'm starting by NOT having any Ferreo Rocher chocolate before bedtime.




Esme said...

A holiday is just that, a holiday. The food and wine may have put you back a little(perhaps in your own mind?) but hey glorious food and wine shared with the one you love? Cannot be replaced. I believe we need to be thankful for these moments. Then, once home, life goes on and you can look at you upcoming journey and the goals you have.

You sound like you had a great time - but with a little guilt? There is no guilt if you are looking at the glass being half full. Note to self - remember this for yourself Es!!!!!

Sandra said...

I think I'll take a leaf out of your book Magda and start thinking of a little weekend away with hubby before the kid's basketball season takes over our lives again.
You sound like you are in a great mindset at the moment.
Good luck with the house furniture...gotta love that ;-)

Magda said...

Hi Esme, no guilt over Melbourne but not so happy with my mini meltdown earlier this week. But refuse to dwell on it so as not to risk falling down the black hole again. Onwards and upwards.

Hey Sandra, I'd highly recommend it. Getting out of your every day environment and just relaxing the food and drink and letting the conversation flow is very therapeutic.



Kristy said...

Your break away sounds lovely and relaxing Magda...