Thursday, September 03, 2009


My son is off school tomorrow as its a pupil free day for the Royal Adelaide Show. So I've decided to take a leave day and spend it with him. Given the option of whether he wanted to go to the show on the weekend with the family or tomorrow just with me, he chose tomorrow. So hi ho hi ho its off to the show we go.

Normally I love the show. I love to look at the alpacas (if only we had a bigger yard, we'd have a couple as pets. They rock!) and all baby animals. I love to watch the wool fashion parades and the car racing and the motor bike racing and stunts. I like checking out the cars (although normally the display is pretty poor) and walking around the stalls to check out anything of interest. And I LOVE THE FOOD. Hot cinnamon donuts, ice cream, waffle cones and a thousand other things are bound to tempt me.

Years ago, I refused to go to the show as I knew that a visit would see me consume an extra 2000 or so calories and my weight would spike by 2-3 kilos. But now I dont want to disappoint my son so here is my plan:

1. Train first thing in the morning. This is a bonus session but psychologically an important one for getting in the right headspace for the day.
2. Healthy breakfast of oats, bran and protein powder. Revisit goals, affirmations and reinforce both into brain.
3. Eat healthy snack before entering showgrounds so as not to arrive hungry. I'll warm up my brown rice, cabbage and spicy chilli tuna and take it with me.
4. I've made a spicy chicken salad for my lunch and I'll take this in my oversized bag (no cooler bag needed in Adelaide weather tomorrow). Lord give me strength to stay true to my goals.
5. I'll have a Slim Secrets bar with me in case I need an afternoon snack. If I've resisted the junk til then, I'll treat myself to a skim cappuccino with my SS bar.
6. Tomorrow night I'll enjoy 1 or 2 glasses of red wine with my husband at dinner time. We missed this last weekend.

So thats my plan. Remember the saying"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Well I aint falling into that trap. Wish me luck guys and hope I'm posting next time with a good report card and not a "could have done much better".




ss2306 said...

I remember how good those dagwood dogs covered in tomato sauce used to taste but these days I just imagine all that trans fat sticking to my arteries and cloggin them up and then me having heart attack in public at the show. I made it through Ekka (Bris show) with my chicken thighs and veges and a couple of macadamia nuts from the Woolies pavilion.

You're doing soooo well Magda and on a roll.

Enjoy the show with your son and make sure you go on some crazy rides to feel like a kid again!!

Magda said...

Shelley I have to agree. I LOVE junk food but try to view it beyond the taste now and look at what it does to me both physically (unhealthy and fattening) and psychologically. So I stayed true to my goals and just enjoyed the skim cappuccino and Slim Secrets bar on the way home.

:-) Magda

Pip said...

Top work Magda at the show!