Thursday, September 17, 2009


A very quick post tonight, the eve of our weekend in Melbourne.

I'm due to weigh and measure tomorrow but I'm not stressing about the numbers. They may be down (from last week), they may not. Que sera, sera. Will it upset me, put me in a bad mood, put me in a "bugger it, I'll just eat like there's no tomorrow" mood or ruin my mini holiday? NO WAY!!!

I'm not even sure if the size 11 jeans will fit but taking an educated guess I'd say not. Will test them in the morning. Anyway the size 12s are ready to go.

Since last weekend I've done verything right and thats all I can judge my success on. Well done Magda, you scored a 10/10 this week :-)

Cheers all


ss2306 said...

Sending you a high five from sunny Brisbane. Have an awesome time away.

Kristy said...

Great job Magda have a fantastic break in Melbourne :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Magda - have a beautiful time. Who gives a f**k about what size jeans you wear! just like the scales, clothes sizes are just a number and shouldnt decipher your mood. Hell go naked! hahaha HAVE FUN you bloody deserve it! Fernster xx