Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The reality of my circumstances is just sinking in.

I dont know where I'll be living in less than 4 weeks time.
I dont know what furniture I'll have.
I dont know who'll be moving us and what we'll be taking and to where.
Irrespective of all of the above I have a lot of packing to do in not a lot of time.
I can lessen my packing work by selling a heap of stuff on eBay. I just wish it'd photograph itself and hop on the website without me having to devote time to it.
To achieve all this in the blink of an eye timeframe that I'm working to, I need to take (even more) time off work.
BUT my boss is away and I'm struggling to stay on top of all the issues I deal with.

Oh any poor hubbie is under so much pressure and stress with his work that I'm flying solo on most of the above and keeping our family life in the happy zone that I like it to be in.

So how am I dealing with all of this? Not so good so I'm taking some time to privately work through this so I can come out the other side a happier and better person than I am right now.

Oh and hopefully not be weighing 4 or 5 kilos more than I do now. Enough said.



LizN said...

You poor bugger Magda, I know the stresses of moving all too well. Hang in there. You don't have to eat in response to this stress. Hugs

Frankie said...

Hey Magda. I was in similar position this time last week. No idea where were going and ready to sell a heap of stuff. Thankfully we got a place and now all I have to do is pack...but that's stressful enough!

You can do it x

Sandra said...

Hang in there, Magda.
PLAN to have a treat here and there but where possible stick to your nutrition plan.
Before you know it you'll be out the other end of this tunnel.
Remember, you can always pick up where you left off.

Kristy said...

I have a similar scenario Magda and I can understand the stresses...

How was the trip in Melbourne?