Monday, September 07, 2009


We had a lovely Fathers Day and I love this pic of me with Dad. We started the day with breakfast out at The Store. I had an omelette which wasnt my original intention but it was oh so yummy and I enjoyed every mouthful. Before we went out, I had prepared the lamb shanks and got them going in the slow cooker so they would be really tender by dinner time.
I spent the day playing with my son and pottering in the kitchen. On Saturday night I made a Mocha Log Cake for dessert and that just needed decorating on Sunday. Everyone said it was superb and I'll take their word for it as it was way too chocolatey for my liking.
My dinner turned out to be excellent. All the lamb fell off the bones and was extremely tasty served with the white bean puree, caramelised onions, gravy made from pan juices and steamed veges. The meal was very high in fat (lamb shanks are not lean even if well trimmed) but very yummy as a rare treat. (Inner Fat Girl was VERY happy last night LOL)
The family had a lovely evening but it was a very late night for me as I like to clean up properly before going to bed and that took longer than expected. Plus there were lunches to make and uniforms to iron. Aaah a mum's work is never done :-)
So with a bed time post 11.30 pm and a rising at 4.50 am (it was one hour power walk day today), I was zombie tired all day. Inner Fat Girl thought it'd be a good idea to keep feeding her today but my Voice of Reason drowned out her pitiful wailing. Just because I'm tired and its a cold drizzly morning and I have really bad Mondayitis doesnt mean that junk food will fix that. So it was a day on plan and will be an early night tonight.
Tomorrow will be a better day
:-) Magda

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