Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I love not being on a diet.

Breakfsat today was a multigrain muffin with an egg on one half and natural peanut butter on the other half. I'm sick of oats and powder every day so I enjoyed this immensely.

For morning tea today we had a spread to welcome back a colleague. I wasnt overly hungry and had just arrived at work quite late so I grabbed a skim cappuccino and had that. Didnt fancy anything else and definitely didnt feel deprived.

Sometimes I stiil eat "diet food" for lunch just because I really like it. I had leftover stir fried veges from last night (onion, carrot, red capsicum, brocolli, cabbage cooked in chicken stock, Tamari, ginger, lemongrass and chilli) with some peri peri chicken, fresh coriander and Udo's oil.

I love low fat creamed cottage cheese with Splenda and cinnamon and am still having it in the afternoon if I'm hungry and I love hard brown pears so they're staying on the menu too.

But the piece de resistance is Tuesday's dinner. My boys have home cooked crumbed calamari (hubbie has lemon pepper and the kid has plain crumbed) and I've been eating my green veg and lean protein because losing weight was THE most important thing. Well not now. I also had a medium serve of the lemon pepper calamari, tartare sauce and a huge salad. Yummo. I'm satisfied physically, emotionally and I'm in a happy place. This will be regular thing in our household from now on.

Training today was a one hour walk and even then I just about died towards the end. Tomorrow may be a rest day at home so I can shake this annoying lurgy once and for all.

Cheers all



KatieP said...

Love it -- let's see, today I had protein pancakes with banana, peanut butter and light toffee icecream for breakfast, oats and powder for lunch, Larabar for afternoon tea (you've got to try them) and vegetable slop (favourite veggies cooked in the slow cooker) with some veal mince and pasta for dinner.

Forgot about eating except when it was time for a meal. "Diet" food works for me too when it's what I want to eat not what I have to eat.

Doesn't it feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders?? ♥

ss2306 said...

Calamari must be in the air tonight. I took daughter out for dinner before a movie and we shared calamari, I ate the salad, with a few chippies too.

Magda said...

Hi Katie. What on earth is larabar??? I've never heard of it and yep it feels pretty light on my shoulders now :-)

Oooh Shelley I LUUUURVE calamari and every Teuesday I would pine for it while I ate my green veg, lean protein and Udo's oil. Well life is too f*cken short to be pining all the time so now I enjoy a moderate serve of the calamari too.

:-) Magda

KatieP said...


nothing except raw natural fruit and nuts ... best snack ever!! [cinnamon roll is my favourite]

Carolyn said...

I love this post Magda! enjoying what we love, and not going overboard - that's a real triumph.

I too have been reading your blog, and feel the same that we do seem to parallel a lot. Similar issues, similar situations. I'm so happy to hear that you are making great progress. I'm really looking forward to doing the same, even though at the moment that still seems a little way off. But, in reality, normality for me is as close as next week - hubs will be here, I'll be all moved in, things will be unpacked, and routine can return. I can't wait!

Carolyn xx