Saturday, September 05, 2009


Today my Inner Fat Girl made a lot of noise. In fact she was SCREAMING for a feed and it took all my strength to not give in to her.

I've been doing really well with both my nutrition and my training. My headspace has been great and I've been focussed and consistent for about 3 solid weeks now. But I guess these times will always come along just to really test me, like they do for a lot of other bloggers too.

I wondered if it was because I was out of my usual routine today. I missed my favourite cardio session which is my powerwalk on a Saturday morning. I trained chest and back instead and then did (another) bike cardio which are becoming all too common and boring. Then my husband decides to change the lunch plans. We were having an open so we normally eat at our local cafe but as our open was later today, he wanted to eat lunch at home. This added another 30-40 minutes to my clean up time so I was a bit annoyed about that although I did enjoy the meal I made for myself.

We dropped our son to my SIL's place so he could help her make Viennese biscuits for my husband for Fathers Day (they are one of his favourites). When we got there they had a little table set up on their new deck and on it was a plate of cakes as they'd had a visitor. I made my way over to the deck and sat in the sunshine for a while, the whole time just drooling over the cakes. No joke, I felt like eating all 5 pieces.

When it was afternoon tea time, my husband had a buttered finger bun and I made myself a bowl of cheesecake flavoured yogurt with low fat creamed cottage cheese added to it. My husband peered over to my bowl with its unappetising looking contents and said "whats that?" So I explained and quickly told him that it tasted way better than it looked. I then went on to tell him that I was finding it very hard to eat on plan today and that I'd much rather be eating a Brumby's apricot scroll, toasted with lashings of butter. So instaed of making fun of me and my wierd food he lavished me with heaps of praise for staying strong and making good choices. When he poured himself a glass of wine a couple of hours later he didnt even ask if I wanted one. (I probably would have said yes tonight)

So I think after 3 weeks of my food being really really clean, its time to dirty it up a bit tomorrow. We're having breakfast at The Store in Melbourne Street but I'll choose a healthy option (probably eggs with rye toast) and I'll cash in a treat skim cappuccino. Then I'm making lamb shanks for Fathers Day dinner for us, my mum and dad and BIL and SIL. That'll be my relaxed/cheat meal and I cant wait.

So my Inner Fat Girl will get her feed but it'll be on my terms and not hers.

:-) Magda


Kristy said...

Great job Magda, I had my refeed on my terms tonight and it was great... Really enjoy your breakfast and lunch tomorrow as well as the wonderful company you will have :)

Stephanie Davis said...

That yog/creamed cottage cheese is a great idea- will be trying that! :) like the sound of your relaxed meal too, yummy and healthy- have a great sunday!

Magda said...

Thanks Kristy, brekkie was great and now looking forward to dinner. Yummo!!

Hey Steph, its a really tasty treat that Liz put me on to. I love it.