Thursday, September 10, 2009


As you know from yesterday's post things feel a little tough right now. I'm not talking disastrous, but I'm just not feeling as invincible as I have recently. And I've liked that "invincible" feeling as it leaves me believing that anything is possible and that I can achieve my goals. But Melbourne is drawing nearer (next Friday) and whilst I may well meet my goal to be in the 65s, I doubt if the size 11 jeans will fit. Typically the legs take an eternity to slim down and in 8 or so weeks I've barely scratched the surface.

But back to the title of this post. I didnt work today as I needed to drive my husband to and from a medical appointment for a minor surgery (he was having a small skin cancer removed). It was great to be off work but a change in routine is always challenging. So in the afternoon (he's feeling ok) we're out sorting some stuff for our new house and at one hour after eating lunch my stomach starts rumbling. (Goddamn I should have added some good fats to my meat and veges like I always do because I dont have starchy carbs then). And it doesnt stop as it really wants a (proper) feed. We finish early and have an hour to kill before we meet with our son's teacher for a PT interview so hubbie suggests we go for a coffee.

All sorts of thoughts are going through my mind by now and I cant wait to get there so I can have something to eat (bugger the fat loss goal). I order an almond finger biscuit and have that with a skim cappuccino. Its delicious, devine and just enough to take my hunger away. I'm happy, albeit mildly guilty. Then I spend the rest of the day analysing this decision and agonising over having eaten this (small) treat. I tell you, I'm driving myself crazy.

So I'm trying to put the biscuit into perspective. I was hungry and didnt have appropriate food with me as I usually do. The coffee shop didnt have much in the way of healthy options (there wasnt time to order a meal off the menu) so I chose a small treat and enjoyed it. I could have gone an enormous muffin or a fat laden carrot cake or cheesecake but I went small and modest. (I could also have gone hungry but that makes me very grumpy and short-tempered). So when I weigh all that up I guess the conclusion is .... BIG DEAL. I ate a biscuit. And on that note I'll agonise no more as the biscuit is now in perspective and the oats/bran are soaking for tomorrow's breakfast so that I dont end up having the fruit toast with lashings of butter that I keep dreaming about LOL

:-) Magda


ss2306 said...

I think you hit the nail on the head - BIG DEAL. I think that was a very strong move.

And if the 11's don't fit it doesn't mean you are a failure. You are still you and you are still happy so what does it matter what the number on the scale or on the tag says? You've done this sensibly and sustainably which is far more important.

Kristy said...

I agree with ss2306 Magda... You were in control with the biscuit and didn't let it spiral out of control. That's the big thing. I think you did well.

But I also think it is is good to blog about it and get it out of your head and to move on :)

Sandra said...

Totally agree with ss and Kristy. You didn't let this thing (the biscuit) get the better of you.I think we all need to learn to put things into perspective. Struggling myself atm because I can't train, and won't be training probably until the middle of next is bad enough that I am in constant pain and cannot bear to be in the same position for too long.
Hubby put it into perspective for me yesterday when he said - "you will not regain 12kg in a couple of weeks, when you are fit to train again you will pick up where you left off and move forward"
BTW, I refuse to weigh myself until I am training again, and then will go back to need beating myself up about something I can't control.

Stephanie Davis said...

hey magda, don't let the jeans get you down or be your only success measure- you know what fat loss is like, im on the hardcore comp diet and my legs haven't budged in weeks dammit. like the other girls have said, you've again demonstrated your ability not to let a treat turn into a binge and even though you're struggling, we can see your self confidence growing bit by bit :)

Magda said...

Thanks Shelley, I know the number on the tag of the jeans doesnt really matter but its just me being impatient. I want to be lean and I want it NOW LOL.

Yeah Kristy the biscuit episode is irrelevant. Its the other stuff going on inside my head thats stuffing me around right now.

Hey Sandra, your husband is right. After I competed in 2007 I had a couple of weeks where I ate like there was no tomorrow. Sure I gained some weight (I needed to) but not the 17kgs I had lost to make it there. You'll be back on track before you know it.

Thanks Steph. I wish that was always true. When I hit a rough patch (like now) its hard to see the positives and strengths but I agree that the fat loss journey is somewhat unpredicatable and never a linear transition. I guess I'm just riding out a bump now.

Thanks guys