Friday, September 04, 2009


Hi all,

yep Show Day was all good - apart from about 2 hours of hunger but I managed it ok. I packed lunch for my my son and myself and then bought him a cinnamon donut as a treat. Yes the lady who served me was quite amused as I'm sure nobody else bought just one donut. I did get hungry as we were sitting in the stands waiting for the cars and motorbikes to come on but I hung on knowing that we'd leave after that and I'd enjoy a skim cappuccino and a Slim Secrtets bar (as a meal) on the way home. And I sure did enjoy them. I savoured every mouthful with no guilt or regrets.

But I'm amazed at how much crap, is consumed by the public. On the walk to the entrance we were behind a group of teenage girls and they were already devouring an enormous bag of the coloured popcorn before they even got there. (Ick how gross). Then the boys who were tipping those sugary fizzes down their throats like water and guzzling Coke to wash them down. Man there'd be some rotting insides happening.

I can confirm that the obesity epidemic is alive and well and 99% of people I saw today were adding fule to the obsesity fire. There was barely a stand that sold anything even remotely healthy let alone clean - unless you went to the horticulture hall and bought fresh fuit or vegetables.

Anyways I dont want to get on my high horse because I too am less than perfect and have certainly eaten my fair share of junk in the past. I'm just so glad that I view it all differently now and make different and better choices because I've realised that being slim tastes better than anything I could have had today.

:-) Magda


Kristy said...

I had to setup at the show yesterday and saw all the junk food. Great job on resisting the temptation Magda and I can understand how empowering it feels to make the choice not to eat the junk. Tonight the comfort food was calling my name very very loud, but somehow I resisted the temptation.

Magda said...

Hey Kristy,

it calls my name loudy too at times. I even had moments today where for a moment I thought "stuff it, I want ...." but then I realised that I didnt really want it and let the feeling go. I feel so much better for it now

:-) Magda

Sandra said...

For some reason my whole week has been like this, Magda. No show or too many outings, just little "temptations" hanging around.
Am very proud to say I have resisted them all, and am looking forward to my free meal for the week tonight - going out with hubby for our wedding anniversary.
I'm finding that the feeling of success at the end of the day when I have been strong in my food choices far outweighs the instant gratification of eating "junk"

BTW, really enjoy your Blog.Thanks for sharing.

Magda said...

Hi Sandra, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you have a lovely anniversary dinner out. And I totally agree about the feeling of success at the end of the day comment.

:-) Magda