Sunday, September 27, 2009


Even though I'm not feeling 100% on the health front as I battle an annoying lurgy that tries desperately to take me down, my headspace is back where it should be.

I'm ready to tackle the "non-diet approach" to getting my body lean and healthy. I call it the "mind right approach" because that'll be my weapon of choice in this venture.

Matti (SP) showed me how to avoid binging. When I left her I had the tools and I knew how to use them now its just up to me to use them regularly. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Over the coming weeks and months I want to shift my focus from the numbers on the Metal Monster or the numbers on the tape measure to how I feel instead. My goal is to eat nutritious food that I love the taste of but that also leaves me feeling good, both physically and emotionally. Oh and that includes treats. If I meet a friend for a long overdue catch up then I'll have a wine with her. This is me and this is what I love. I will not weigh or measure my food (unless its for a recipe). I will not log on Calking or mentally calculate calories, fat grams etc (I never did anyway - I was an obsessive logger). I will not religiously record everything I eat and drink and what time I had it etc etc. The road ahead may be bumpy and full of twists and turns but I vow to give this a damn good go.

My training goals need some thought but basically I will continue to get up early and train for an hour before the day starts for my family. I'm amazed by people who learn of my training routine and look at me with wide disbelieving eyes and say "how could you possibly do that? I could NEVER do that." Well my answer will be "how could you NOT do it?" If I stop moving for more than a couple of days, I feel lethargic, heavy and like a slob. The choice is pretty clear in my book. But then I've always enjoyed my training or rather that fantastic feeling you get straight after it.

As for the decision about competing again. Well it doesnt have to be made now. My first priority is to get my body to a happy place both in terms of fat levels and muscle tone (I hate that phrase but with my littlies even thats a compliment) using my "mind right approach". I want balance, freedom and a high sense of self worth to dominate my life from here on.

And finally Shelley, when I'm 80 years old and sitting in my comfy armchair sipping a Cointreau on ice with my son, his wife and their children around me I want to be able to tell them that I had a fantastic and happy life. All along I was blessed with a wonderful family, good friends and I hardly ever encountered any hardships (well none that got the better of me anyway). When life threw curve balls my way I found a way to deal with them and I NEVER GAVE UP. And in the spirit of my life's motto "dont die wondering what if" deep down I know I'll give competing another go but not just yet.

Wish me luck folks.



ss2306 said...

This has brought a smile to my face. Thank you.

It may be bumpy Magda but you are strong enough to endure the turbulence and we are all here to help and support you along the way.

Woo Hoo - I'm so happy for you.

Kek said...

Good to hear, Magda! *high fives you*

KatieP said...

Welcome to the club - I am so happy for you. How exciting - congratulations on taking this wonderful step ♥

Magda said...

Thanks guys. I really appreciate your support.

:-) Magda

Dawn said...

You have the right attitude. Keep up the good work!

Nic said...

Hi Magda,

Nic here. I don't read blogs much anymore but do drop in on yours every now and again.

Not sure what you decided about Karla's life after diets program but I can definitely recommend it. I finished the program about 6 months ago and whilst it hasn't solved all my problems I can honestly say I have made big positive changes after doing it. I did 3 comps and struggled each year putting weight back on faster each time and never seeming to hold my "goal weight".

Now my weight is slowly coming back down all by having my old trigger foods around me constantly and eating them whenever I want. I still train hard but don't stress about food at all. The biggest test was my recent 3 week trip to France. I was sure I would put on weight (last time I went to Europe 3 years ago after a comp I put on about 4kg in 2 weeks). I have shocked myself in actually losing 2kg while I was away - I ate bread nearly every meal, pastries whenever I felt like it and ate dessert once or twice daily. The only exercise I did was walking whilst sightseeing. This holiday has now forced me to rethink everything about how I train and eat to finally reach that nirvana balance of diet freedom, fitness and body confidence.

Life After Diets has been slow process for me but I certainly think it is worth giving a go.

Good luck with it all, Nic

Magda said...

Thanks Dawn.

Hi Nic. Its nice to hear from you again. I'm not on the Life After Diets Program but am vowing to give it a go myself by following the principles as I know them. If I need more help I'll probably do it via phone consults. Earlier this year I saw a Sports Psyche who helped me heaps and I didnt binge for several weeks (probably at least 3 months). I had a hiccup just l;ast week when I let too many things get on top of me but I'm out of that black hole and pushing onwards and upwards.

I havent forgotten your high praise of the program and am pleased that it has and is working well for you.