Sunday, September 13, 2009


Awesome training this morning. I set out on my 40 minute jog and it was a lovely spring morning albeit a bit windy. I was determined not to check the time and I jogged and jogged and jogged. When I was nearing home I added a little bit extra by doing the outer lap of the oval, then cutting towards home, lapping a cul de sac and then doing one extra block adjacent to home. I pulled into my driveway and looked at the time on my phone. OMG I had been jogging for 55 minutes and I felt ok. I love training sessions like that :-)

Food wise there remains lots of room for improvement. I'm not sure whats going on but for some reason I want to eat anything, everything and lots of it. We had a birthday dinner for my husband tonight and I came away thinking "geez I could have handled that better". Talk about eating like there's no tomorrow. Tomorrow's goal is to reign it back in and get back to the lean and clean or else I'll be squeezing into my size 12 jeans (they're quite loose now) when I go to Melbourne.

Good night all



Sandra said...

Magda, I don't know what it is, but I am feeling the same way these last few days...just noticed we're both Cancerians...maybe it's the old moon giving us trouble...
Anyway, here's to some back-on-track clean eating for the coming week.

Magda said...

Sandra thats really funny and wierd isnt it. I find I'm really influenced by the moon. If its a full moon there is no in between. Its either a fantastic day or a totally shitty one. I think there is some wierd stuff going on with Mercury in our sign too. Byt we must hang in there and not use them as excuses.