Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Now that I'm feeling well again - no more annoying headcold or thumping headache - I've done a weights session as well tonight. I did chest and shoulders and am already feeling very tired and heavy through these areas. I will have chest DOMS (I always do) :-)

My future trainer has suggested that I just maintain work on my chest, back and shoulders to keep the muscles stimulated. I will do abs too but no leg work. The running is tiring enough and I could think of nothing worse (or more counter-productive for my current goal) than pounding out a killer leg session and then expecting to run distances too. If its not a running day then legs need to rest!!

Of course I will expect to lose some body fat over the next month but I'm not setting any ambitious targets as I know that birthday celebrations and holidays will make it quite challenging. I want to focus more on positive behaviours and I believe the results will follow. And finally, I realise that success in achieving the fat loss will be determined to a huge extent by how my mind is working. If I can get that right AND KEEP IT RIGHT then the journey will be so much easier.

Good night all



Kristy said...

Your plan and new outlook sounds fantastic and very reasonable and doable Magda.

I know you will be able to run the city-bay without stopping. The adreneline on the day, the crowds and bands will get you to the finish line.

I am so excited as it is the best atmosphere. Also remember it is all gradual downhill :)

Really happy to hear your headache is gone.

Magda said...

Thanks Kristy,

I'm certainly feeling more confident than a few days ago.