Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today I could walk down stairs without grimacing in agony. Progress!!

I got up early to row BUT WH also got up earlier than usual so I had to cut my row short. Had I known he'd be up that early I wouldnt have made the effort for so little return. Grrrr!!

As I was walking to my car after work I started to think about getting BBQ chicken and chips for dinner. Our local chicken shop makes the BEST chips.... and their chicken is good too. WH was going to the soccer and there'd just be me and BS home tonight. I was starting to really crave it. I could almost taste it. Mentally I was licking my lips savouring how delicious I knew it would be.

Then I started to think about my next goal and how I've had a good week, eating wise. I thought about all the times where I'd convinced myself that the cheat meal/ junk food etc was justifiable. I thought about where that behaviour had gotten me and all of a sudden that chicken and chips didnt appeal so much.

So I compromised and decided to just get the chicken, take the skin off and have it with my already prepared green veges. Yep that was a good compromise.

So what did I actually do??

The traffic through the city was so slow that I ended up taking ages to get home. Mum and Dad were minding BS at our house so I felt obliged to get home asap and let them go home to have their dinner. Yes folks. I completely skipped the chicken and chips. I heated up my veges with a can of tuna with beans, added my freshly chopped continental parsley and voila!! a healthy meal that also felt like a bit of a treat (I love the Sole Mare tuna with beans - its so delicious!!).

There was a small treat that mum had made and brought over - but nothing as deadly as a killer serve of greasy, salty chips. Maybe there is hope for me yet??

Cheers all



Cheryl D said...

Well done Magda.. each time we do the right thing we are 1 step closer to the goal. I think this now when they offer me cake at work.. every no thankyou is 1 step closer.

SeLiNa said...

Hey Magda!
Just wanted to say congrats on your run last weekend!!
You did it girl, how good does it feel to achieve that big goal!
So do you have another running goal? :)

Magda said...

Hoowee absolutely right Cheryl. Now I just ned to sort out my weekend demons and I'll be right.

Thanks Selina. Not sure about another running goal at this stage. Stay tuned for post about my next goal once I sort some stuff out first.