Monday, September 22, 2008


I gave myself the morning off from training today. Anything involving lower body was not a good option and with less than a week til we go away for 10 or so days, there is no point in diving into an upper body weights routine. That can start after the holiday is over and I can train with some consistency.

So I had a small sleep in and was pleasantly surprised that I was moving ok when I got up. Lo and behold this did not last as by mid-late morning my legs were getting very sore and were seizing up badly after periods of sitting. In fact I ended up with one of the WORST cases of leg DOMS I can recall. At one stage I had to walk down 2 large flights of stairs after sitting in a meeting for 50 minutes and the pain in my legs was excruciating. I have been moving like a decrepit old person all day and will have tomorrow off from training as well.

Food has been good today as I wasnt even tempted to have wine with dinner (a bottle of Pepperjack Shiraz was open and needed finishing), leaving WH to be the hero in this respect. There was also some left-over Wildberry Baked Cheesecake from a belated WH birthday dinner and once again - NO TEMPTATION!! Now if I could just bottle this level of determination and draw on it at my weaker times .......... well if we could all do that there'd be no fat people in the world would there??

Have been pondering what my next fitness related/event goal will be. Have had some positive chats with WH but will explore further when we are holidaying. Watch this space!!

Cheers guys



Hilary said...

Congratulations on the run Magda! You must be feeling awesome (despite the severe leg DOMS - ouch!) at achieving another goal!

Hilary xx

Kristy said...

I am very excited to hear about your next goal Magda...

Sorry to hear about the severe DOMS...

Splice said...

Congratulations on your run yesterday woohoo! I could never have done it so I take my hat off to you :-)

Magda said...

Thanks Hilary, its a great feeling knowing its done and dusted.

Stay posted Kristy. Just sorting out some stuff first.

Thanks Deb. You may not be a runner but you train way hard with weights and I've been slack in that area. Time for a change though.

:-) Magda