Thursday, September 18, 2008


OK. Now I know I'm getting nervous about Sunday's run. I had the wierdest dream about it last night.

I dreamt that I accidentally lined up with the fast runners near the start line. And I got my photo taken with them.

During the run I was in a pack and we all stopped at a holiday house and everybody wanted to kick back and have fun. I was confused and declared that my goal was to run the race without having a break so off I set on my own.

I finished the run and was milling around the finish line for a few minutes when I suddenly remembered to check my race time on my watch. I read 80 minutes (which is sort of the time I'm expecting to do it in) and then realised I had done it in less than that as I had delayed checking my time.

I think I just need to rest up and relax as I have a funny niggle around my right hip. There is one more (easy) training run scheduled but I'm in 2 minds about doing it. I AM a bit nervous again about not making it.

BTW the weather forecast is for windy with showers on the weekend. Showers I'm ok with but wind GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I HATE RUNNING IN THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!!

So now I've got that off my chest I shall read some emails and pray for some divine intervention.

:-) Magda


Kristy said...

Magda I remember getting weird dreams before my first big races too. I think it is very normal.

Only two sleeps now. Woohoo... I hope you get your goal of around 80 mins. I think you will be surprised as the atmosphere carries you along, as well as the downhill wide course. Just remember small hill thing at the beginning (I'd hate you to say I forgot to tell you about the hill at the beginning, but honestly I can't really remember it).

I hope it is drizzly and cool like last year, but no wind.

Have a great run Magda and I want to hear all about it. We all know you will make it.

All the best

Irene said...

Good Luck for Sunday Magda - go get em!!!!!

little rene said...

I HATE wind too! It makes me psycho! Hubby just laughs at me if I am trying to hang clothes on the line in the wind. He thinks it is hysterical that I am going NUTS at a force of nature!

Magda said...

Kristy I think the small hill be the least of my worries. I think the last 10kms is what will kill me LOL!!

Thanks Irene. Are you back blogging? You havent been around much.

Agree totally Rene. And the other thing I hate is when I'm all dressed and groomed for work and then have to walk in gale force winds which blow my hair wild and give me teary eyes. It makes me LIVID!!!!

:-) Magda