Sunday, September 07, 2008


I was awake early today - not by choice - but by a pesky little boy who couldnt sleep. GRRRRR!! Bet he'll want to sleep in tomorrow. Then it'll be time for revenge :-)

So we spoilt WH with cards (one bought and one made at school) + a small gift. We also went out for breakfast which was lovely (as The Store always is). Then I spent the day pottering around and preparing dinner for both Dads (WH + my Dad).

I didnt run today due to a few factors but am planning on doing a longer run tomorrow morning. Sometimes the weekends are just too busy AND I refuse to set my alarm to run early. I figure a sleep-in is just as, if not more important as I do get pretty tired from early starts all week. So no exercise today (tsk tsk) but will make it up tomorrow so I dont feel slack or guilty.

The other thing that I'm going to focus on this week is just tightening my diet up a bit. My skin condition has flared up again so I'll be laying off the white flour, red meat, dairy and alcohol (which I've kept in moderation all weekend, I'm very proud to say!!). This isnt phasing me as there is still so much yummy and healthy food to enjoy without feeling deprived. And its not permanent - just til the itching eases off.

Well its late so I'll bid you all good night and hit the sack. I have an early start tomorrow.

Cheers all



Ali said...

Great to read your plugging away toward your targets, hope you have a wonderful week,

Ali xxx

Splice said...

Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. Sometimes we need a day off from exercise, nothing wrong with that :-)
I hope your skin gets better soon.

Magda said...

Hi Ali,

yes my 12k fun-run is getting close now. Feeling good about it too.

Yes Deb it was a pretty good day all round and then followed up by an awesome run this morning.

:-) Magda