Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Funny how things change so drastically from day to day. This morning I was crabby (well I am a Cancerian), grumpy and NOT in good spirits. The usual things annoyed the cr*p out of me and I was pretty short on patience. Not sure why but I think there's some deep stuff that surfaces every now and then.

This same deep stuff often drives me to "self-medicate" with food. Because, after all, food solves everything ... what, you disagree?? Well at least it makes you feel better for 5 or 10 minutes and often I havent thought beyond that. I'll take that 5 or 10 minutes of pleasure and bugger the consequence.

However today I didnt entertain these thoughts. Didnt even stop to consider them. They were banished from my mind.

I did my running training. Tick for 30 minutes of exercise.

I drank enough water / herbal tea. Another tick.

I had no alcohol. Thats a BIG tick :-)

I ate all my food sitting down. Yep another tick.

And as for binging .... no way jose!!

My weight has dropped by 2.6kgs which is just water / bloat but its something. I have actually been craving lots of veges, fruit and vegetarian meals, instead of the chicken and other meat that I usually eat. Monday and Tuesday were vegetarian days but today I had chicken again as I'm not set up to eat a proper balanced vegetarian diet. Feeling good about my food choices nevertheless.

Well I'm off to bed to read a lengthy report (lucky me!!). Alarm is set for 5.15 to fit in that mandatory 30 minutes of exercise. Good night all.

:-) Magda


Cheryl D said...

Hey Magda,
Im glad things are getting better for you. Just needed to find your grove.
I think we might be due for Brunch again soon.

Splice said...

Your off to a great start Mags!

Magda said...

Yes Cheryl,

I was so far out of my groove that I was AWOL. All good now ... thank god!!

Thanks Deb,

I am feeling much better about stuff now.

:-) Magda