Thursday, September 04, 2008


One thing I've noticed since starting in my new job is the faster pace of my life. I have rarely eaten both a morning AND afternoon snack since I've changed jobs. I'm just too busy with meetings and work to be stopping to feed my face all the time. I do try hard to eat every 4 or so hours at the least so I dont get famished, as we all know how disastrous that can be.

I've also allowed myself the luxury of stopping for a cappuccino on the way to work on most mornings. I luuuurve my cappuccinos. They are such a treat. On really hectic mornings if I havent eaten breakfast at home I'll have some fruit toast too. This is another treat which I really enjoy. But I do try to eat breakfast at home as a general rule.

This is how my morning went today:

5: 15 alarm goes off
5:20 hot lemon drink + small protein shake
5:30 back training
6:00 protein shake + pear (eaten standing up tsk tsk) AND at the same time roll out cheese scone dough (made last night), cut, brush and place in oven to bake
6: 15 make BS's breakfast (he's woken up early today), pack his lunchbox, get school clothes ready (including ironing)
6:30 shower, wash hair
6: 50 make-up + dress for function after work and pack bag of extras
7:00 help BS dress himself, pack all requirements for a Father/Son after-school function (including cheese scones)
7:10 brush teeth, dry hair
7:15 change my mind about attending the function after work, get changed, pack food and run around doing last minute stuff
7: 30 leave for work ... will have breakfast in a cafe with 10-15 minutes of "quiet-me-time" :-)

Today was not a typical morning but its not unusual to have days like this. In the end, life is what you make it. If I stressed about every non-routine day, I'd be a basket-case. So now I go with the flow and do my best with eating and training. After all, adding up a lot of small stuff eventually means achieving the big stuff.

Cheers all



Pip said...

Cheers Magda for your nice comment about my run! I understand your post totally about living life at a fast pace!!!!

I think I live life at a fast pace too, always on go, making many different decisions with work, each day panning depending on customers and other staff etc. So I don't have regular 'meal times' and certainly couldn't sit down to eat a mini meal every 3 hours!

So I need to be about making the better options/choices and balancing things out and keeping control and must stay on track and not get disillusioned by small slips.

Magda said...

Cheers Pip,

I've been (quietly) following your blog and am impressed by how well you're doing. Not perfect, but really good and sometimes thats as good as it can be.

Keep it up :-)