Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today's run was intervals of 1 minute fast then 1 minute recovery (slow jog), for 20 repeats. The first 3 repeats were hard and my fast runs felt slow. The next 12 repeats were pretty good. Reasonably fast and very slow jog recoveries. But the last 5 were really tough. My legs were tired and I was uncomfortably hot as it was quite a mild morning and I had rugged up expecting it to be colder. I was really happy when that run was over.

One thing that I've noticed with my training is that when I set a (meaningful) goal for myself, I actually dedicate myself to the required training. For example: I've completed every run session as outlined in my program (except one where I had to make an urgent dash to the toilet and therefore cut it short by about 7 minutes). There have been runs where I really wanted to cut them short (coz it was cold/windy/drizzling or I was tired/miserable/just over it) but I didnt give in. I finished them irrespective of all the negative factors/emotions. Having an extra week up my sleeve gave me a bit of flexibility when life got busier in the last couple of weeks so I was able to stay on track. Bring on that taper next week though!!

So on Sunday 21st September I WILL achieve my goal of running the City 2 Bay. My time wont be fantastic but that isnt my goal. I will run 12kms and prove to myself that I could do it.

And then it'll be time for a new goal .............

Good night all


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