Saturday, September 20, 2008


Hi all,

on the eve of my attempt to achieve another of my lifetime goals, I've decided that my previous blog template was getting boring and its time for a new one. Do you like the new look? Be honest. I'd love a really funky individual template like some other bloggers have but where, oh where do you get them? They are not in the regular template options (which I'm finding a bit boring all round).

Anyway enough about aesthetics and lets get down to the serious business of blogging about where I am at 12 hours out from the 12km run, with the race number 1212. Does the number 12 have any significant or magical properties?? I have no idea but if you do, then please share.

Well this week I have been the ultimate anti-athlete. I've not eaten well partly because of nerves and partly because of some other self-defeating thoughts which I need to handle better in future. I did 2 runs instead of 3 this week but I dont think that missing the last run will be the make or break tomorrow. God has decided to smile down on me (I must have done something very good along the way and I'm being rewarded) with an amended forecast of 22 degrees and sunny. WH says it'll be cold overnight and fresh in the morning but fresh I can handle (I ran when it was .7 degrees one winter morning - now that was FRESH!!).

So this far-from-perfect week has me hoping that the pieces fall in place tomorrow and I run the 12kms and achieve my goal. WH and BS are then meeting me in Glenelg and we'll go out for breakfast to celebrate. In the afternoon I'm off to watch the lovely Miss Kerry compete in the WNBF South Australian State Championships. I cant wait to see her on stage after the blood, sweat and tears she has invested in her training this year. GO KERRY!!!!!!

I have so much more that I want to blog about but it'll have to wait as I need to sort some stuff out in my head. I'm having major problems with making decisions and then following through with actions. I change my mind over and over again and go around in circles.

Note to self: Find the straight and narrow Magda. Get on it. And stick to it.

Good night all



Dianna Broeren said...

Best of Luck for you race tomorrow Magda! I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight and it is a lovely clear morning.......without any wind!!!

I would LOVE to catch up with you when you are in Coolum.

Kek said...

Good luck Magda - most of all, I hope you ENJOY your run!

As for blog templates, you could try Googling "free blog templates" - there are lots around. Me, I just took a bog-standard Blogger one and added my own header.

Michelle said...

Good luck with your race.

Anonymous said...

Hope the run went well! You know when i used to run (yup i used to be a keen runner - where the hell did that person go?) and I would think "why am i doing this" I would change my mind set and say "just one foot in front of the other" over and over again, seem to help me - I also undertook alot of breathing exercises.

Let us know how you go!!! xx