Wednesday, September 17, 2008


You know what I mean ... up, down, up, down etc

On the work front things are ramping up. I have times when I feel my head will explode. There is information overload to process and I just know I wont remember it all when I need to. I confided to my WH today that I was scared that when Miss R was away (she hasnt started maternity leave yet) , I wouldnt know what to do. He laughed at me and said MOST people dont know what to do in their jobs and that I'd just have to make a calculated guess. Gee that was comforting ..... NOT!!

So what am I up about right now? Hmmmm let me think ........ ok let me see ...... well there's ...... or there's ........ Hmm maybe nothing.

Time to sign off I think and post again when I'm in a better head space.

G'night all


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