Sunday, September 21, 2008


.... in a whoppingly slow 1:26:41 (a little slower than what I anticipated.)

Yes folks I managed to "Cliff Young Shuffle" my way through 11kms of the run. Why 11? Because at 1 km out I decided that there was (just) enough left in the tank to pick my pace up to a 1/2 reasonable jog. That plus the crowds, plus the lure of the finish line and the emotion of realising another goal which I've had for ages. I "powered" to the end only to be left in that scary state where for a few breaths it feels like nothing is getting in.

Here are my race stats from my HRM AND I've realised that my weight is entered back around comp time last year so my cals burned would be much higher as I am SO much heavier now.

Total time: 1:26:41
Time in HR zone: :21 (yep folks 21 seconds only - no wonder it felt SO hard)
Average HR: 161 (eegads I'm 45 so this is quite high at 92% of my maximum heart rate)
Max HR: 183
Cals burned (underestimated!!): 851

So how do I feel? Physically I'm exhausted and would give anything to just call it a day and go back to sleep. My legs hurt and so does my lower back. All the physical signals are telling me "You idiot!! You're too old/unfit for this. You werent prepared well enough"

To which I say: "I'm not an idiot. I just go after my goals/dreams. I'm NEVER too old but I do concede that my fitness could have/should have been better - a few less kilos would have made the world of difference - and I prepared as I knew how. If I did it again I'd be better prepared".

Emotionally I feel good. I've wanted to do this for a long time but always doubted my ability. Today I proved that I could do it - even if I wasnt in the best shape or at my best level of fitness. At least if I ever decided to do it again, it wouldnt be hard to better my time. LOL

Thanks to EVERYONE you encouraged me, supported me and cheered me on (in spirit). I really appreciate it. And a big thank you to God/Mother Nature for blessing us with the most glorious spring weather. No wind. Sunshine. Cool-moderate temperature. Just perfect.

Cheers guys

:-) Magda


Shar said...

Nice Work Magda!! what an achievement, you should feel great about yourself and seeing this goal to the end.

I can e mail you the link to some great templates if you like? The only down sid eis you have to sit and put your extras on again, so for you your comp history, blog list, 5km times etc.

Congrats again.
Shar x

Kek said...

Congrats, Magda - you did it, under-prepared or not!

Kristy said...

Fantastic job Magda to complete your first 12k. You should feel really proud. It was great to see you at the start.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Magda. I knew you could do it, who cares what time you did it in you achieved your goal and really that's all that matters.

Love the new look blog too. It's nice and bright ready for spring and summer seasons.

Lia xxx

Magda said...

Thanks Shar but after fluffing around for ages setting up my blog roll etc, I'll just stick to what I've got now.

Yes Kek today I proved that even in "anti-athlete" mode, I managed to achieve something quite difficult.

Hey Kristy, I couldnt believe that in the crowd of 28,000+ I bumped into you. BTW you are looking really good!! Very toned!! The longer distance running is paying off.

Thanks Lia. Deep down I also knew I'd do it coz all along I kept telling myself that "quitting was not an option".

Cheers guys


Kristy said...

Thank you Magda, I feel good and strong with cycling and running... Consistency is really paying off...

I couldn't believe how many people I ran into in that crowd of so many people... The odds were against us, but we still met. Amazing!

Have a great recovery week...

Combat Girl said...

Hi Magda,

Sorry I have been MIA.

Just read your blog and CONGRATULATIONS on doing your run. Proud of you for achieving your goal.