Saturday, September 06, 2008


Well Friday passed in a blur. I had a nice breakfast on the way to work and then bumped into Cheryl and spent about 1/2 an hour chatting to her ... oops gotta get to work!!

Last night we went to SIL + BIL's for drinks and dinner. Friends and family were visiting from Sydney and it was a fun night. Miss S is my SIL's bestie. Miss S is a marathon runner so we had a very interesting chat about my City 2 Bay training and up-coming race. Miss S assured me that if I can run 8 or 9kms now (which I can) then I will make the 12kms on race day. She even said that doing 10kms before race day is not necessary. I'm rethinking my training for the next week.

You see Iworked out not long ago that I started my training a week early. I actually have an extra week up my sleeve. This is really good as last week I only ran 3 times and not 4. So I have an extra week to get 4 runs in and then taper. Sounds good to me so I must stay healthy now ... oh and I must register for the race.

We took BS to the Royal Adelaide Show today. OMG what crowds!! Secretly, I loved it though. Without any guilt whatsoever, I enjoyed 2 hot cinnamon donuts (sitting down) but had no other junk for the day. PROGRESS!! I was, however, blown away by the incredible consumption of junk food by the majority of people there. It was quite amazing really. No wonder we are progressing in leaps and bounds as a nation of overweight - obese people.

But I'm plugging away at my daily targets and am happy to report that I'm doing well. Keeping alcohol consumption to 3 drinks or less at any one time, not eating when standing up, getting my water in and moving for at least 30 minutes every day.

Looking forward to Father's Day tomorrow. It'll be a busy day. I hope to blog again tomorrow night.

Cheers all


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