Monday, September 15, 2008



1. Had a great Friday at work. The weather was glorious here in Adelaide. My pregnant friend and I had to meet with some colleagues so we headed to a lovely cafe close to work, ordered some cappuccinos (I tell you , the white wine was VERY tempting!!) and sat out in the sun and talked business.

2. Had a Haemaview Consult with a Naturopath. She took a couple of blood (drop) samples and examined them under a microscope and then told me some interesting things about my blood and my health. I may continue to work with her in future.

3. Registered for the City 2 Bay. Look out for 1212 (what a great number!!) ..... faster than a speeding bullet, quicker than a ???? ... geez I've got a crappy memory. How did that go??

4. Been out to dinner at (The Wine Underground) for WH's birthday. Fantastic night!!

5. Celebrated WH's birthday on Sunday. We had a late breakfast out and then he lazed around while I did the domestic chores. BS and I told him he was "boss of the world" and was not allowed to do any work. He thought that was particularly good :-)

6. Wrapped up Sunday with dinner at my Mum and Dad's. Once again, beautiful food, nice wine and celebrating with the family ... what more could you want??? Oh and WH did get some great pressies too.

7. Not done any more running. Saturday was a rest day. Sunday I had a shocking headache (did NOT stick to my 3 drink limit on the night before). This morning it was very stormy with gale force winds howling. I turned my alarm off and slept :-).

8. Survived a very cold and windy day here in Adelaide today. Quite frankly, I'm over the crappy cold weather now. BRING ON SPRING!!!

Hope your weekend was great too.

:-) M

AND I've just made my 500th post in my blog. Is that reason enough to break out the bubbles and celebrate???


Kristy said...

Such a nice positive post Magda.

Sounds like you have had a nice few days.

Also I will be interested how you go at the Naturopath as I have considered going to see one myself.

Dianna Broeren said...

You sound wonderful Magda! What is the date of your race? I'm looking forward to hearing how you had an awesome run :)

Michelle said...

Hasn't the weather been weird! In my mind you were out running in the hail yesterday with me. I think you got the much better deal! 1212 is a cool number. I'm so superstitious with numbers, I even go for the same locker number at the different Fitness Firsts I go to.
Ok I sound weird.

Magda said...

Hi Kristy,

I'm happy to share my experience and thoughts on the Naturopath. Not sure if I'll blog about it or contact you by email. Watch this space.

Hello Di. My race is Sunday 21st September. Thanks for asking. BTW I'll be in Coolum from Tuesday 30th Sep and leaving on Friday 3 Oct. I'd love to meet you for a coffee and a chat if you are free.
I'll try to contact you privately before then.

Hi Michelle. No I gave the hail a miss. Thats the beauty of training for C2B instead of comps. 4 runs a week and thats it. I often train more but the mandatory is very achievable even when I'm feeling really slack.

Cheers guys