Friday, December 28, 2007


Hilary: my WH also hates women with muscle but luckily figure girls dont have to carry too much. I could never do full on body building to compete in physique though. I just dont think he could live with that.
In the end though, making the decision to compete was more a mental thing and a test of my determination, and dedication to getting the job done and that was what my WH was supporting and respecting. It meant a lot to me knowing that I had it in me to see it through no matter how hard it got.

Cat: I also believe in leading by example but I'm not getting any followers. Unfortunately everyone in my family lives to eat and eats for pleasure and WILL NOT give up the foods they enjoy. So I'm a bit of an island there but on the other hand I'm also the island when it comes to being fit, slim and toned (most of the time). So I can live with that :-)

Rene: thank you so much for that lovely compliment. Its really put a smile on my face today (not that I was sad before). I guess I'm a victim of being my own worst critic but am working on overcoming that.

Rae: yes 2008 is looking brighter already and god knows we can all use less stress in our lives when we are preparing for comps LOL!! I checked out your blog today and loved the slide show!! Arent you AND Sheree a couple of hotties. (I cant believe your single).



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