Monday, December 10, 2007


I set out to run this morning and kept mulling over the events of last Thursday. I have decided to keep running in my suburb as buying a treadmill is out of the question and I dont have time to travel to other possible running places (I need to be finished by 6am). I always have my phone with me as a small safety measure. Sadly buying a dog isnt an option as it would be the loneliest most neglected animal while we are away long hours at work.

What I've decided though is to stay in the side/back streets and not venture too far from home. I will only use the main roads at busier times (like on weekends when I run later). So I picked a nice circular route that took me no more than 1-1.5kms from home and repeated it 3 times. I felt ok until I heard a hotted up car rev its engine some distance from me but then realised that it wasnt nearby and was not a threat. I calmed back down then. I guess I'll be a little bit edgy for a while but thats understandable.

Thanks again to everyone who left good suggestions and advice for me. I really appreciate your help and your concern.




stacytoby said...

Heya Magda!

I'm on holidays as of next week and would be more than happy to do a morning or two each week of a jog, sprints or some other outdoor training with you! Will chat about it over brunch on Sunday ;)

Ricotta and Blueberry pancakes....yum!!!

Cat said...

hey, just found ur blog and im feeling very inspired. You look wonderful. Im sorry to hear about the incident last week, i would have been petrified. Your plan for sticking close to home sounds good and also carrying ur mobile. U have to feel safe so that you can enjoy the run, otherwise motivation may be harder to find.

Splice said...

I think you made the right decision Mags.

Take care,


P.s. you should get your pictures any day now.