Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well I’m certainly back in my “Happy Zone” (she says feeling calm, confident and in control). I love these phases and when I feel REALLY good, I just want to bottle it and keep it on hand for the slumps.

I set out for my run this morning and CHOSE to do sprints. No “oh I better do sprints” or “I’m only sprinting only coz I feel I have to”. I pounded my little sprint track of approximately 100 metres 14 times for a total of 20 minutes. Perfect as I had an earlier start to travel to the country for work.

Food wise I was strong and in control today. A visit to a country bakery to buy a cool drink saw me buying just that. No cakes. No hot food. Nothing else junky. Just a cool drink. I had packed a nice salad of various veges, wholemeal pasta, a nice flavoured tuna and very light dressing of low fat mayo / BBQ sauce / sweet chilli sauce. It was delicious. That was a win for me.

My only downfall today is the 3 cans of Diet Coke I had to keep me awake on the country drive. No matter what, I get really sleepy when doing country driving on my own and so I drink (cold) Diet Coke for the caffeine hit which does keep me alert. I know its bad for my insides but I figure its better to have bad insides than to be dead from falling asleep at the wheel (which has happened to me once before).

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I weighed myself this morning. I’m heavier than I want to be as my weight has gone up again but I’m not surprised and maybe that’s why I’m not having a negative reaction to it. So even with this I’m still in my Happy Zone. How good is that??!!

Cheers all



Anonymous said...

U continue to be truely inspiring. Good on u making it out of the bakery with just a cool drink, thats where my downfall is :(

Did you make the salad dressing yourself? It sounds yummy, wouldnt mind giving it a go.

Glad u are feeling happier

little rene said...

Yay for the happy zone!

Enjoy it Magda. Hopefully you will stay there for ages :)