Saturday, December 29, 2007


I woke up feeling really good (again). But my IPod needed charging so the run I was planning to do got swapped for an exercise bike ride, reading Womens Health and Fitness. It was still an OK workout.

For breakfast today I had 1/2 a 9 grain muffin with a small piece of lean grilled bacon, an egg and mushrooms on the side. Very nice!!

BS and Iwent out briefly to take care of some chores and then home for lunch. Today I stirfried a leftover packet of coleslaw veggies in chicken stock, low salt soy sauce, ginger and chilli and had some with tuna and brown rice. Another yummy and satisfying meal. Then I dragged out my overflowing ironing basket and got stuck into it all. Its empty now which is a great feeling. BS and I also played Trouble (I love that game and remember playing it when I was a little girl) and Uno. He won both games :-)

I've just polished off a Nestle Diet Lite peach and mango yogurt with a chopped peach and a sprinkle of chopped walnuts. My water intake has been excellent.

So with all those runs on my board I'm planning to not get out the minute we land at my friend's house for dinner tonight. She always has the yummiest food and I find it VERY hard to resist.

My plan: NO ALCOHOL and enjoy the food in moderation. Sounds easy but for someone who automatically goes back for seconds when they love what they've had, thats a big ask. But that is my intention.

I want to walk away from the visit feeling satisfied, happy and pleased that I didnt lose control and end up stuffing myself silly, or having too much to drink.

Stay tuned to hear how I went.

Cheers all



Cat said...

You day was sounding perfect till the ironing came out hehe, only cos i dread that task. It is however very satisfying when the basket is empty.

Best of luck at your dinner party tonight. I can relate to this so well, hubby is a chef so i get spoiled food wise a little too often. We are trying to work together to design the perfect healthy meals. So far so good :)

Have a great weekend

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, I enjoy going to our friends' for dinner but it the thought of having to deal with the food sometimes makes me a bit tense. Hope everything goes well for you tonight. Cheers, Charlotte

Raechelle said...

Yes, going to a friend's house for dinner is often difficult-We can just hope that one day they will catch the clue that we have healthy eating habits-and maybe they can learn from us...Hope it wasn't too stressful-LOL!

Dianna Broeren said...

Hi Magda, I'm tuned to hear how you went at dinner last night!