Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I set my alarm for 4.50am today so that I could do a solid hour of training before anything else occupied my day. I did 30 mins of leg work followed by 30 mins of cardio. The room was a bit hot and stuffy so I worked up a nice sweat.

Funnily today the training left me totally lacking energy despite eating VERY well for breakfast. I arrived at work feeling totally exhausted and even one of my colleagues asked if I was ok because I looked “tired in the face”. I tell you I would have given my right arm to be able to go home and go back to sleep. I think my “newly flowing energy” just flowed right out of my body overnight.

I wonder if this is connected to my killer massage. Today I can feel bruises in all the spots where I was massaged very firmly. There are hundreds and many are sore to touch. So physically I’m not feeling too good today, in fact I’m struggling through the day as I write this.

But on a happier note, I’ll be kicking off my formal training soon. I’m looking forward to having a structured program and somebody to guide me who I’m accountable to. I get excited just thinking about it and am keen to get stuck into day one in the week after Christmas when I’m off work. (Hopefully that’s not putting too much pressure on my new trainer!!)

Well I better sign off and focus again on feeling sorry for myself LOL. I guess I better toughen up though as this pain is but a warm-up to what I’m about to experience over the next 9 months I suspect :-) :-)

Cheers all


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Raechelle said...

This sounds to me like the toxins are releasing...just like your masseuse said would happen-and from what I understand about toxins releasing-it can make you very tired; sometimes ill even-you should fel better in another day or 2-and by reading your more recent posts-I'd say you probably are!