Thursday, December 27, 2007


Today I had the pleasure of binning 1/3 of a pavlova, 2 spicy sausages and a bowl of pasta salad. New BIL (brother-in-law) picked up the ILs so they could stay with them for a few days. I managed to send with them: a block of Toblerone, a packet of Tim Tams, a container of pickled octopus, 2 packets of unopened dips. I froze the leftover cheesecake (for WH) and a box of mince pies (they'll test me out at times). The frij looks normal now - not like I have enough food to feed a small 3rd world nation.

After just one day of eating 99% clean and drinking over 5 litres of water I weighed in 2kgs lighter this morning. Thats a good dose of post-Christamas bloat gone and I'm feeling better already. I think from here on any loss should be fat so thats encouraging.

As intended I ran this morning and was puffing pretty hard even though I wasnt cracking any earth shattering speeds. My average heart rate for the 34 min session was 153 BPM. YOWSER!! No wonder that run felt so hard. I felt great having achieved it though as training has been sporadic lately so I cant expect any miraculous results.

Eating wise I had another good day with more fish, veges and my yummy protein pancake with banana and sugar free maple syrup for breakfast. A bit high in calories but all good ones and just too delicious for words :-)

Today I made my MIL and BS walk to our local shops. We only needed a few things and it was such a lovely day that I refused to use the car and be so lazy. Plus both MIL and BS could well use the (little bit of) exercise. BS whinged all the way as he had been dragged off his X Box and I'm not sure how much my MIL enjoyed it as I later found out that she thought it had been too hot to walk. (Honestly!!We dawdled for 10 mins there and 10 mins on the way back).

Then the rest of the day was spent catching up on Women's Health and Women's Health and Fitness magazines, reading blogs, playing with BS and pottering around home. For 2 days I've lived in shorts and a T shirt with NO MAKE - UP. I've relly enjoyed it.

Today I received more info about how my nutrition and training will look over the following year and this is really exciting. Some changes are in store from how I prepped this year so I'll be very curious to see how I go and just how much I can improve. Oh and WH is just taking it all in his stride when I say no to the alcohol, junk food etc so making the sacrifice is just that little bit easier. Life is pretty good right now!!

Cheers all



Hilary said...

That is awesome about WH's change in attitude Magda, and how exciting about the Smith Machine! We have a squat rack at home (but I train at gym instead!!)

I dont think I would ever get much support from my OH if I ever decided to compete, he doesn't like muscle on women! Tough, I say!

Hilary xx

Anonymous said...

Good on you for clearing the fridge out and making everyone go for a 20 minute round trip walk. You will have them on the fitness wagon soon. Lead by example i say and u certainly do that.

little rene said...

I have been enjoying reading your blog Magda I have just been a bit slack on the comments.

I have to tell you that you look STUNNING in the photos that you have posted lately and I think you are being a very harsh critic of yourself. I looked at those photos of you in that little dress over Christmas and thought that is one smokin' hot chick! You have a GREAT figure!

I know it is all mental though so it is good to hear that you are back in routine and training hard. I can also appreciate how relieved you feel to have hubby's support. I like to have my hubby on the same page so to speak as well :)

RaeC said...

Great to hear that things are beginning already for the comp season ahead, and most of all that you have the support of your other half now... that will make it so much easier for you next time around xxx