Sunday, December 16, 2007


Oompaloompa: a short, round object; a fat person; somebody roleypoley

BS has been enjoying a new X Box game which we hired for the week. The oompaloompas are in the game. Thats as much as I know about that.

This afternoon WH is talking to BS about the game and the "oompaloompa" term comes up. I ask about it and get the explanation given above. So then WH says to BS "Do you think mummy is an oompaloompa?" and the cheeky little so and so says loudly "YES" :-0

Ok its time to stop making excuses, stop playing the poor victim, stop living like there's no tomorrow and eat clean, train hard and join the ranks of the non-oompaloompas once again.

BS has spoken and should not be ignored.

Cheers all :-) :-)


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