Sunday, December 09, 2007


Please note that I'll write more about my disturbing incident tomorrow. I've just about made up my mind as to what I'll do but will think it over once again before I decide. Thanks to everyone who left comments. I've picked up some good tips and some food for thought.

Today I was the "Queen of Clean" as I tackled my annual spring/Christmas clean. I have worn the nail polish off most of my (acrylic) nails on my right hand :-( and I have aching shoulders, middle and lower back and hip flexors that are as tight as a cat's bum. I attacked the window tracks, cleaned windows and dusted the venetians. I gave the ensuite a really good going over and cleaned every inch of the study, master bedroom and lounge room. I have finished 1/3 of the house :-( My lord there is still so much to do!!

My training has really taken a back seat the last few days. I have done nothing for 3 days and am feeling less that "ideal" for it. Couple that with some less than ideal eating and I'm confessing that there's plenty of room for improvement in this camp. Yes things have slipped into a not so good pattern but I will turn it around and make my fitness and health the highest priority again(which I admit it always should be).

Over the next 2 or so weeks it'll come down to some clever time management. Fitting in: work,
training, finishing the cleaning, finishing the Christmas shopping and wrapping presents, finalising the Christmas celebration preps etc etc.....I can feel a list coming on.

I hope everyone is better organsied than I am ... or should I say "better advanced than I am". I'm not disorganised, just in need of an extra couple of weeks thanks.

Cheers all


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