Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well the big day is history now and the excitement has faded and life returns to some normality (which is a very good thing!!). In my excitment on the day I wanted to write about some of the more significant things that happened. This is the first opportunity I've had with some time to myself to be able to do this.

My ILs are staying with us (they are from Brissie) and the days are busy and long - hence why last night I was up past 11pm blogging. Its my "unwind/me" time and I'm not working so the late nights are managable. (I may be doing my ironing tonight though Lia LOL!!!)

So back to the big day ..... my WH surprised me yet again with a very thoughtful comment that just meant so much to me. We were awake early and talking about Xmas pressies. I had (jokingly) put a smith rack on my Xmas list :-) and so I asked him if he'd bought it for me. He said no but that I could get one. I thought he was joking but he insisted he wasnt and said that he knew how much I wanted to compete again and having this piece of equiment at home would really help with my training. He was totally ok with me training to compete again and this is what meant SOOOO much to me.

You see 2007 was a very tough year for us. My WH is NOT into bodybuilding at all. He has no interest in it and it went as far as him hating what I did in order to be able to compete. There were some very tough times where I had to put all that aside and just keep pushing on, knowing how he felt about it. But being the WH that he truly is, he supported me in both shows and in Sydney he was changing his (negative) tune.

So I've let it all lie the last few months, not wanting to rush back into the "yes I'm competing again (whether you like it or not)" scenario and now I dont have to. I feel like I have his blessing and that means EVERYTHING to me. Oh and I'll be shopping for that smith rack as soon as the folks go home and things settle back down to true normality.

He also said there was another thing that I could get that I've wanted for a long time but I'll keep that under wraps as its well into the future and no point getting prematurely excited now.
God I feel so lucky and so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Cheers all



Anonymous said...

Family are truely wonderful. Thats wonderful what ur hubby thinks now. Will make training and the eating plans so much easier and probably more enjoyable this year.

Kristy said...

Hi Magda

You do have an amazing family and I am so happy WH is supporting you now. It will make you feel so much better and a little easier for you.

I'm really happy to hear you had a great christmas.

Hope you have a great new year