Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Today I’m suffering from major DOMS through my legs. That’s the price I’m paying for leaving too long between leg workouts and only dropping my weights down slightly, if at all. So couple this with the after-effects of the massage and I’m living today in pain, yet again.

Despite being so sore I got up at 4.50am again and did a chest/tris workout and a short cardio session on my exercise bike. Whilst my diet may not be great, at least I’m training and not letting myself become a total sloth. The ILs are arriving from Brissie this evening and we’re all having dinner at SIL’s tonight. It should be a great evening as the family gets together for the first time since Feb this year.

This morning I was really looking forward to getting to work (very unusual!!). I was hoping that Liz had replied to my email yesterday and she had!! YIPPEE!!! I’m so excited about what is around the corner for me. More on that soon.

I notice that blog posts have really dropped off lately which is understandable at this time of year. However I do feel disappointed when I check my favourite bloggers and there is no update. So ladies if you have a spare minute, whack something in your blog to keep the likes of tragic blog addicts like myself happy.

I’ve still got to arrange a pic of my new do. Maybe I’ll get a snap tonight. Some family happy snaps may be in order too.

Cheers all



LizN said...

I've been suffering from verbal diarrhoea lately! There's always one, eh :)


little rene said...

I have been missing regular posts as well Magda! I am obviously tragic too ;)

Cat said...

Hope u have a wonderful evening with the in laws.

Hilary said...

Oooh leg doms - the worst! Hope they're feeling better soon.

Yeah I'm a blog-reading addict too, I check every day usually!

Hilary xx