Monday, December 17, 2007


Today was a maintenance day starting with a visit to the chiro. Everything between the waist and the knees was really tight and sore and a treatment was well overdue. I was in agony while the chiro pressed and stretched and cracked all the bits that werent quite right.

Then I managed to get an appointment with the masseure for the afternoon and I had a SERIOUS session of releasing tight muscles and working on the meridians (or chakras) to free up my flow of energy. The treatment was agonising again but when it was over I felt fantastic. I actually did feel like I had more energy. I drank heaps of extra water like the massuere recommended and I found myself not craving sweets and junky food as much as I have been lately. The masseure explained that I would be detoxing after the treatment which I figured was a good thing as my diet hasnt been great lately.

In between these times of torture I also got my hair coloured and cut into a slightly different style. I didnt want it cut short as I'm enjoying it being longer but I felt it was looking a bit ratty and in need of a lift. I love my new do. Its more of a bob and I now have a hair straightener to get the look right (I hope!!). If I didnt look so crappy right now, I'd take a snap and post it up but the end of the day is not my "best time" so you'll have to wait until I'm looking better before I share it with you.

Diet and training still not where I want them to be but I have better intentions for tomorrow which will be a bit more of a normal day. At this really hectic time of year I'm now aiming for 30-60 minutes of exercise a day and fitting it in in the morning before work. Mind you, as of Wednesday night the in-laws will be here so using the exercise room in the morning wont be an option (too noisy for them) so some creative thinking will be required to come up with an effective outdoor session (or two).

Cheers all



RaeC said...

Hi Magda,

Great to hear you've done some body and hair maintenance, just what a girl needs especially in the leadup to Christmas... LOL!!

As for interesting things to do outdoors, try - they should have some workouts you can try for outside that you download to your mp3 player.

There are always plyometrics that can be done outside... not just a great leg workout, but cardio all at the same time. Head to a park and use the playground equipment for all your resistance training, ie. chinups on the monkey bars, dips on a bench, etc.

Have a great day xxx

Hilary said...

Sounds like a day of maintenance was just what you needed! That massage sounds good - the pain of it definetely sounds worth it. I love the feeling after a good massage.

The new hairdo sounds nice - would love to see a pic!

Have a great week

Hilary xx