Thursday, December 06, 2007


I met my WH through work. He came to work in the same section as me but I was married at the time and didnt really pay much attention to him in the beginning. A few months after he started we travelled together for work and over dinner one night he said something very thoughtful to me. It was a sort of warning about something very unlikely but it showed his very caring nature and that he was a man of real integrity. I started to become interested.

Anyway to cut a long (and probably boring to you) story short, I left my unhappy marriage and started "dating" him. The rest is history. We've been together since December 1989 and married since March 1995. I'm very lucky to have man who has the greatest integrity you can imagine. He is as honest as the day is long and has the highest morals and standards for EVERYTHING!! Being a Virgo he isnt impulsive but he is an excellent planner, analyser and organiser. In our relationship he is the "head thinker" whilst I'm the "heart thinker". It works well.

Ok now that I've sung his praises I will add though that he definitely DOESNT share my passion for fitness/training and especially competing. He found this year VERY hard (probabaly harder than me!!) and that put an extra strain on me and on us. But I guess we cant have it all.

I will also say that my WH is not what you call "hot" but I'm sure that if he was "available" many a smart woman would snap him up.....just as I did LOL

Cheers Kristy


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Kristy said...

Thank you Magda for your post. Its really nice to hear that you two are very happy and have been together for so long and have one beautiful son as well.

It gives me hope that someone is out there for me.

What is depressing is I was single for 3 years before this partner because people kept telling me that it would happen when I least expected it, but it never came along until I went online and had a look... At least I now know what I would like...

Thanks for taking the time to tell your story. It is very much appreciated and very lovely.