Sunday, December 30, 2007


Dinner on Saturday went really well. I had my (healthy) snack before we left so wasnt hungry when we got there. Said no the alcohol (God you'd think I had just committed the world's worst crime, judging by the reaction of the others!!) and had very few nibbles and then enjoyed the meal without feeling stuffed. My "treats" were a small piece of garlic bread and a small piece of almond bread. I was happy. I drank tons of soda with lemon and still enjoyed myself.

Tonight we had dinner at my S+BIL's and I stayed off the grog again and ate very moderately. We had a baked snapper stuffed with a mixture of bacon, mushrooms, prawns and smoked oysters with various salads (not the healthiest but not too deadly). Desert was fruit and endless types of chocolate and I managed to stay saintly and have only the fruit.

The family is going for a holiday to Fiji in March and everyone (except me) is desperate to lose weight before we go. They're all setting 5 or 10 kilo target losses and calling it "The Biggest Loser - Fiji". I'm quietly chuckling to myself at what they believe they can do or need to do to lose the weight. Only my WH knows the cold hard facts and I'm hoping he takes out the prize (winner gets their duty free purchased for them on the way home).

Cheers all



RaeC said...

And of course you know what is going to happen when they hit Fiji... they are going to undo all that hard work within a matter of days!! Because they are doing it for an event, once that event starts it's all on for young and old and they'll be right back where they started... hopefully with the exception of your partner!!

Congratulations on all your victories with regards to surviving social situations recently. Don't worry about the reaction of others... they are not used to this new you. But keep at it and they will eventually. I will warn you now though that you are going to be in for a bit of a fight until they finally do... just be strong and stick to your guns. Happy New Year Magda xxx

Raechelle said...

Yes, why do people act so defiant about being healthy?! People amaze me! It can be quite annoying-but RAE is right (of course)stick to your guns-God-Peer pressure! Sheesh!
Have a great New Year's!

Cat said...

Well done on resisting the alcohol and eating moderately. Your family are lucky to have you, i'm sure watching you will inspire them to lose the weight they want to for their holiday but hopefully they enjoy the newer version of themselves and stick with it after march.

Alicia said...

Gawd what is it with people when you say no to alcohol?! I've decided not to drink tonight (NYE) and you'd think I'd committed some major crime! Oh well, at least I'll be facing 2008 without a hangover :)

Nic said...

Hi Magda,

I hope you have a great 2008.

I think it is funny that it is more socially acceptable to eat junk and get drunk than eat a salad & stick to the soft stuff....most people don't know what they are missing.

I will let you know when I start blogging again.

Take care Nic

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda,
Well done on the eating, and happy New Year!

Shar said...


Are you OK?
Unusual for your not to post for a week.

Shar x