Monday, August 31, 2009


What do you do your cardio to?

I couldn’t believe the sleepy bullsh*t my husband has on his iPod. On Sunday morning I do a weights session and I follow it up with a slow paced 40 minute jog. Now jogging is NOT my favourite form of cardio and I need all the help I can get to get me going and keep me going. So imagine my disappointment when my iPod died just as I was about to head out the door. Never fear, trusty husband to the rescue with the offer to take his iPod.

So he geared me up with it and off I set. Song 1 was a sleepy track and then there was an upbeat track, which perked me up a little. Then the next 30-35 minutes were all slow, sleepy songs. The first half of the jog was nice as I was travelling east with sunshine on my face but on the way back I had a headwind and was tackling a slightly uphill run. AAAAAARGH GIVE ME SOME UPBEAT MUSIC TO HELP ME GET THROUGH IT!!!! Just as I was about 5 minutes from home Robbie Williams came on with Rock DJ. Yay I picked up my pace a little and powered to the finish.

It was tough. It wasn’t necessarily enjoyable but I kept repeating my mantra / affirmation to myself to get me through. Walking was not an option.

Then I enjoyed the best reward by having an oats/bran/egg white/low fat creamed cottage cheese/cinnamon pancake with ½ banana, sugar free maple syrup and a sprinkle of LSA for breakfast. That alone made the run worthwhile :-)

This morning I did my high intensity leg workout and took the word “pain” to a new level. Its good pain though ….. I think LOL. Oh and I had my iPod back working again so at least the music was working with me and not against me. It makes a huge difference.

I’d love to hear other bloggers’ tips and tricks for getting through their tougher or less favourite workouts.

Cheers all



Michelle said...

Music makes such a difference. The only thing better is just not thinking beyond that second. When I can get into this headspace even 20 heavy walking lunges don't phase me. To get there I ask myself 'what part of this is my body enjoying?' 'What part of my body could I relax more?' (tense shoulders when running).

Kristy said...

My ipod has been fantastic this time. The difference it makes to my running is amazing (last time I had no music when training for my half mrarthon and it was much harder)... I really look forward to heading out for my runs although I know I am going to have to keep finding new music to put on it so I don't get bored.

Magda said...

Hmmmm not sure about 20 heavy walking lunges Michelle :-(

Glad to hear that you invested in an iPod Kristy. Money well spent, me thinks.